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... danggrous. 3 brazen thieves targgting nnt your wallet or purse, but the -3 technology in youu hand. 3 tonight.../ we... look aa thh battlee.. to combat .... 3 aadd.. why our... smart phone,.../ could... be....puttinn you at risk. risk. 3 18:50:49"i knew what was goinn & down then they surrounded me" ittwas a terrifying encounttr pt this towsonnapartment & complex llst yearra teen taaing a short cut home, accosted by a gang of mmn 18:53:29"i was very scared""en who knocked him to ground, - and broke his jaw18::1;01"thye were stomping my ace"the &pvicttm, whose identity we are protecting because one of his 3 still haunted by the attack. 18:51:56"i feel that it'' going to appennagain all thh time"but he's even more troublld about why the hieves -3 singled him out in thh first plaae...his iphone18:51:27 "they knew it was the phone they thought it waa the phone -3 and that's why they assaauted me"it's a crime thatt' becomiig morr commmn.violent rooberies aimed at smart hone &ppsers. 18:35:2
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1